[FR] AIFF File Import?


Will Cubasis ever allow AIFF audio import? I’ve discovered a great App called Tin Pan which exports to AIFF. It would be great for CB to show up in its 'Open In … ’ options.

So far Cubasis does not support AIFF format. The request has been added to the list.


Never occurred to me that this wasn’t possible until I tried!

I would like to vote for this feature as well. Just picked up Cubasis and while it is AWESOME, I was surprised it was unable to use audio files created in the nearly default Mac standard. I have TONS of AIFF files and only a handful of WAV files. The task of converting all of these to WAV just for use on my iPad in this app alone is a little cumbersome to say the least.

I came across this old thread, because I’ve tried to import an aiff-file today. Very surprised that Cubasis doesn’t. Is it still on the list in 2019, Lars?

Hi ninedayswonder99,

Thanks for your message.
The topic is still on our list.