FR: 'All layouts/flows' in Library Manager dropdown menus

If you compare Layout Options in the Library Manager, because they are layout-specific you can choose which layout’s settings you are comparing, both in the current project and in the ‘reference’ library. Usually however, you’d want the layout options for all part layouts to be the same. But if you’d want to set them in reference to another library, that means selecting every part layout in the ‘destination’ dropdown individually, one after the other. It would be nice to have two additional entries in this menu: All Score Layouts and All Part Layouts just like there already are in the Layout Options dialog itself.
(Before anyone asks: yes I know about Propagate Part Formatting.)

Similarly, Notation Options are flow-specific, so it would be nice to have an All Flows entry in the dropdown menu.


This is a good idea. It won’t be a simple thing to add, because at the moment Dorico doesn’t have to handle indeterminate values in the Library Manager, which will no longer be the case once it is expected to show values from multiple layouts or flows. But at some point in the (indeterminate!) future, this is perhaps something we can add.