FR: Allow a "Paragraph style" property toggle for horizontal line text

In a project, I’m needing some horizontal lines to have standard text instructions, and other lines need MusAnalysis symbols. I can work around this with staff text and drag it around, but I’d prefer the text to be inside the line, not above.

Similar to the recent changes to lyrics, I’d like to be able to change the paragraph style for text in selected horizontal lines. Thanks for considering.

EDIT: I worked around this by adding a bunch of spaces in the horizontal line to create space and dragged the text into place, but it’s quite fiddly.



You should be able to do this without any workarounds. This is precisely what line annotations are for.

Perhaps I’m missing something. How would I use Minion for some line annotations, and MusAnalysis for others, all in the same project?

If I recall, line annotations can be set per line definition. So, you would need to have different line definitions each with its own annotation settings.

Oh, whoops. Yep, that’s what I was missing. Thanks. Still would be a bit easier to be able to toggle a paragraph style for a selected line, but this is fine.

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Now that you have solved the problem, I would love to know what the symbols shown signify.

They’re scale degrees. This is a method book for classically-trained church pianists who want to learn how to play charts. This is from a chapter on creating melodic lines, so I’m showing the movement of the soprano line.

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