[FR] Allow Plugins Offline Access to Complete Tracks

Plugins like Melodyne need access to a whole section of a track to make pitch analysis. But this is not possible as plugins always only have access to what’s right below the playhead. To transfer things into Melodyne, one has to play the section and transfer it to the plugin, recording it there into a temp folder for analysis and editing.

Studio One introduced ARA (Audio Random Access), basically giving a plugin on-demand-access to the whole track independently of the playhead position. Random access to the audio on the entire track. When I enable Melodyne in Studio One, Melodyne on the fly renders the complete track and shows me the result. An on-the-fly transfer so to speak, because it has access to the complete rendered track.

Suggestion: This is a big feature request and probably architectural change but I think it would open up huge possibilities for new plugins. Transfer to Melodyne, transfer to RX, offline loudness analysis, totally new sound effects, granular effects, would all be possible if plugins could get access to the timeline and not just to a real-time buffer of what’s flowing under the playhead. It would make many processes much simpler.

(I had this request in a monolithic request post but I realized nobody could comment sensibly in any way so I broke it out. Maybe I’ll see that way what makes sense and people +1 and what doesn’t make sense. Sorry for the hassle.)

Oh yes…

+100 for ARA support!