FR: Alt/Opt-drag system handles to only affect system spacing

In the Staff Spacing tool, by dragging different handles you can choose whether to move only one staff or an entire poly-staff system, while keeping its internal spacing unaffected. However, when holding Alt/Opt and dragging a system handle, it will keep that particular system’s internal spacing the same but scale all the individual staves in other systems, which to me feels inconsistent.

Also, while I’m here:

  • Could we have Alt/Opt-drag also proportionately expand staff/system spacing in the other direction? Perhaps with a second modifier key, and when you hold them both it does both the contracting and expanding. (I know this has been requested before.)
  • It would be nice to have this proportional contraction/expansion also when using the keyboard instead of only when dragging with the mouse. Although that would be a mess with the modifier keys because both Alt/Opt and Shift are already occupied in that case…

I would likewise appreciate such a concertina drag that is flexible in both directions.


It’s comparably rare that I need this, but I was actually surprised when it didn’t work to stretch one of my scores just a few days ago. I would also like to see this work both ways.