[FR] Assign Flow Headings to Flows, not Pages.

I suspect this may be difficult because of way flows and pages are already linked but with multiple flows on a single page, it makes a lot more sense to assign flow headings to flows, rather than pages.

An example I come across regularly is where there are two flow headings on a page - the first requires a subtitle, the second doesn’t.

As ever, there are workarounds but (as ever) the workarounds involve more work…


Apologies for bumping this - it’s been a month or so since I posted it.

Just because you didn’t receive a reply doesn’t mean that we didn’t read it. I read every post on the forum, as I’ve always said. You will excuse me, I hope, if I don’t always respond to every single post.

Hi Daniel,

Like everyone else here I’m grateful for any time you and the team spend answering questions in this forum. It’s one of things that makes the forum (and Dorico) so special.

As you might imagine, I put it up again because it’s reared its head again. It may well be that I don’t fully understand Flow Headings - I was hoping someone could point out something I’m doing wrong, or something I should be doing. The bottom line is that I can’t find a way to assign different Flow Headings, or a MasterPage Heading and a Flow Heading to two flows on the same page.

David, it has been requested before: FR for Flow headings - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Ahh. Thanks HelPet - much appreciated. I thought for a moment I was the only one!!

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