[FR] Audio Pool - "Open in Finder/Explorer"

I’d love to be able to right-click a file in the audio pool and select a “Show File in Finder” function.

This is a feature I’ve wanted in so many situations. Should be pretty easy to implement no?
Pretty please?


What do you mean by “finder”?
You mean “show file in project?” or “Show file in Explorer”?.


Finder is Mac terminology. What I mean is that it would open a new finder or explorer window (through the OS) and show where the file is located on the computer. It’s a common function in many other DAWs and audio file editors I’ve used.

Is that more clear though?

Well, please try “Show File in Explorer”.


I’m on a Mac, and I don’t see the equivalent “Show File in Finder”.
Is it there and I’m somehow missing it? Or is it not in the Mac version?


It is not on the Mac version. Wish it were.



Thanks for confirming I’m not insane Chewy.
Fredo, this would be a really handy thing to have (especially as its already on the PC version!).

It’s not in Nuendo 6.5 on the PC version either :wink:

N 6.5 on PC also…don’t have it!!

Apparently, it’s back in the Nuendo 7 beta…

Is this true on both PC and Mac?

On PC it seems according to Fredo’s image… :wink:

Sorry nothing official, I was just suggesting what could be the situation according to what has been posted in this thread and since Cubase 8 release…

Ah right, got ya :wink:

Fredo, could you confirm?

Yes, we are working with Nuendo 7 (beta) for a while now, so it is correct that the screenshot is from N7.
Didn’t think for a second that this is somewhat “new”, so I didn’t double check with N6.

Oh well, then this is the first “new features spoiler” for the upcoming Nuendo 7.


Awesome! Ha, thanks Fredo.

Do you think it’ll be for the Mac side too?

Yes, but you’ll need an extra “Mec-license” to unlock that feature.


Is it in the context window of the project as well (right click on audio)


That would be even better !!