FR: Auto-open Rewire slaves with correct Rewire project

As seen before in ProTools, it is possible to open automatically a Rewire slave like Reason, when the ProTools project is using Reason .

I would like to see that feature implemented in Cubase, with the following additions.
Cubase feature_ asociar proyecto Reason con Cubase project.jpg

  1. An option to associate the reason file directly with my Cubase project.
    This would permit to automatically open Reason with the correct Reason project file (see picture).

  2. A warning message, that the Reason file has not been saved yet, before closing Cubase.

Obviously it would be desirable to have this ability available with ANY REWIRE SLAVE.

Main benefit:
Being able to do so in Cubase would reduce time in Rewire re-configuration and with the additional feature mentione before re-established all necessary connections.

Hopefully it would be useful for more people than me…