FR: Autochoose audio driver and CR preset when starting Nuendo depending on location


I’m working on a laptop that I move around between studio, home, stage, road etc. I guess I’m not alone doing this. It would be convenient if Nuendo could automatically choose the Soundcard/driver that is connected at the moment from a user prioritized order/list. And at the same time also chose an associated control room preset.

Also also give us the option in the CR connections to choose which outputs get the preview signal. Preferably both headphones and monitors at the same time.

I would also like Nuendo to not touch the input and output routing when on a different Soundcard (ie leave the connections unresolved). It would be nice to reliably be able to move the computer back and forth without having to redo the input/output patch.

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You will need to create a Preset, with the only caveat being, that they are removed on Preference delete.


I have and use presets. But I would like them to load automatically depending location (Sound card/Driver).

That would be nice of course but as to the possibility of it becoming a reality, I think first the application should allow the ability to import i/o settings from another project, notwithstanding being able to save i/o assignments in a non-activated project.

Agree, there is a lot of possible workflow improvements in the routing department.

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Even the presets don’t work when switching interfaces.
I’d vote for this if I had any votes left.