FR: automatic flow headers

Hi, at the moment I prepare a bigger publication with Dorico. It’s a collection of nearly 130 flows. Some pieces are single pieces with no subtitles. Some pieces have 2 or more movements (= Subtitles). Some pieces are collections from different composers (= subtitles + composer).
Some pieces have a dedication, and some pieces don’t.
At the moment I have a seven different master pages and six flow headers and nearly every page has a master page change and/or a flow header change. This also means, that it is nearly impossible to move pieces around, because than I have to adjust all the changes as well.
It would be time saving for me, if there would be an option for automatic flow headers and master pages: If a text field in the project info is completely empty, Dorico should not display the associated text frame and don’t leave the space for the frame.
For my work, this would be great!

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Even better would be an option to group flows, as a nested heiracrchy.

E.g. a book of multi-movement piano works or similar

Really I think the most straightforward way would be a set of “meta tokens” that would either output the inclosed content if non-empty

something like {@startIfArrangerPresent}Arranged by {@Arranger}{@endIfArrangerPresent}

Yes, this is a really ugly hack to get something that behaves like XML tags.

Then your other bit of feature coudl be obtained with a new property on a frame, something like “Omit if empty”

Adding computations to a templating engine? What could go wrong? :wink: