FR: Automation Editor

at the moment all the automation is done in the arrangement but everything is too small with big changes and IMO automation needs the same focus has any other type of event and so why not give us users an editor where we can focus on it? also saving curves, vertical snap tools, good info and independent automation looping. Commmon!

+1 yes automation needs improvements

Actually I’ve been curious why automation is not in a box (like a part)…

Steinberg sucks in automation. I need my fader to go back to my initial level after I drop the fader. Also when I’m editing I need to select the area and decrease level of this area. Like in pro Tools when you point your cursor in the top of a automation area.


+1 need automation improvement

Preview mod and automation pass , like in nuendo . Because it’s not only usefull in post Prod .
Olso in music production and mix

Please do automation like protools , with nuendo feature and it’s win .