[FR] Automation follows clip

Please make automation follows clip as a permanent button on the automation-panel. It´s something you have to switch quite often in a mix, and it would be great if the actual status could be viewed permanently.


Why don’t you assign a Key Command to the function?


Because then I still don´t know what the actual status is, and I have to

a) open the automation-lanes and have a (perhaps useless) try/undo or
b) have a look to the menu before, but then I don´t need the key command…


its true that such function should be on the panel.
in the meantime try kc and double-press: the last status comes on screen. u still have to leave or press again but i got used to it… :slight_smile:

One year later it*s time for a

This really is a function which I switch a lot, sometimes I like the automation to follow, sometimes not.
And at the moment I have to check the actual setting via menu or keystroke every time when I want to move a region…


I’m ok with key command switching, but there really needs to be some sort of notification that can be glanced at anytime.

Very simple and important FQ imo.
So a big +1 for this. Visual feedback is so necessary.

Bye / Tumpi

Also +1! :smiley:


Back on a mix right now, and this is getting on my nerves every 30 minutes…

There are so many buttons on automation-panel which I do not need, but this one would be a great visual feedback…

Once again, full feature mix in Nuendo, and this “automation follows” is the only preference, where I constantly have to visit the menu via mouse for checking its status, before moving a region.

What a waste of space on this huge automation window:
The only settings I want to have permanent visual feedback on are: automation modes (incl preview) and if automation is followed when I drag events between tracks.

No need to see in big letters if I suspend write mode for mute and plugins etc, since this is a setting which I set up once before the mix.

Unfortunately the automation panel isn’t on Steinbergs Agenda, so I need to bump this.