[FR] Automation lanes visible on top of tracks


It cannot be that I have to double the track-amount (and to divide the visible tracks in half) when I just want to see all my volume-automation at a glance.

In addition to that it makes copying of automation data so much faster (have a look at PT).

PT (and even Studio One) is way more easy so look at.

plz Steinberg, take a look at it…

Big +1 !!!


Logic can do it, too.

+1 (and splined curves while we’re at it!!!)

Yes please. to be able to see user definable automation information directly on the audio tracks as an option would be amazing. It has always been the one thing that many other DAW’s have that is really missing from Nuendo. I know it may not be pretty to look at but if it was an option then those who don’t like it wouldn’t have to look at it, but I think most would love it!