FR: Bar Repeat Count

I really like the ability to always show the bar repeat count on the last bar of the region, so I have that set as a default. As a feature request, I’d love an option to automatically suppress showing in the last bar if there is only a single repeat. With notated music you almost never see a single bar repeat (except maybe for percussion), as it is usually just written out unless the passage is 3x or more, but with chord symbols and slash notation, this is quite common as below:

Of course, I can go into Properties and change the Count Appearance to hide it, but I find myself doing that a lot, so it would be great if this could be automated. I assume most musicians are capable of counting a single bar repeat, LOL. Thanks for considering!


I came to the forum to write exactly the same request

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The “Count Appearance: Do Not Show” property will copy with the single repeat, so after I’ve manually changed that for one of these, I usually just end up Alt-clicking it around to avoid having to go change the property again. I’d still really like to see this option implemented so we don’t have to bother with this.

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Do we really need an option for this, or would it be true to say that we never need to show a bar count on a bar repeat region of one bar in length? If so, then that’s easy for us to simply change without needing to add any further options.


My own personal “house style” is to never show the count for a single bar repeat, and always show it on the final bar when there are two or more bar repeats. I also virtually never use a single bar repeat in any part other than percussion, rhythm section, or for chord changes. For a single bar of actual notes I think it’s easier on the player to just be able to read through, and you aren’t saving that much horizontal space by using a single bar repeat anyway. In any case, a single bar repeat is obvious to the player and the “(2)” is just unnecessary clutter. For a single bar repeat in a chord symbol structure like above, it definitely is a distraction IMO. In Clinton Roemer’s The Art of Music Copying on page 31 he doesn’t use a count for a single one bar repeat, but does for successive bar repeats.

Obviously, I personally would be fine with just a change in behavior here if D4.x or D5 could always suppress the count on a single bar repeat. I certainly could see others wanting to show it though, so I would think there should be a way to override this in Properties. It also would probably need to be documented as I could see users being confused when they have Engraving Options set to show in the last bar of a region and it doesn’t show. Either automatic hiding of the count for a single bar repeat or some sort of checkbox to not show on single bar repeats in Engraving Options would be fine with me. Thanks!

Seeing the (2) in the screenshot above, I’d even be wondering for a moment whether I’m supposed to repeat once or twice. Raised fingers in rehearsal, or worse.

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