[FR] Batch rename cycle markers

I have a long list of obscure filenames which need to be applied to the cycle marker description field. Basically, that field contains the filename of the file I’m editing. Often I have hundreds of files which need a cycle marker.

I have a macro to quickly apply a cycle marker to an event, but no way to name that marker in accordance with the file name. I’d like a way to point Nuendo to a text file with a list of filenames and have it apply the filename to the selected cycle markers. I envision this being achievable through the marker window.

I’m open to other options which allow me to quickly and easily apply the filename to the cycle marker which surrounds it.

This would be TREMENDOUS, and is my biggest workflow issue which Nuendo could enhance.

You can use Render-in-place and choose ‘Export’. At the naming options you can choose the Clip-name. Is this useful?

maybe possible using rendering. I use a external macro program (keyboard maestro) to help me do exactly this as I need a mix down and not a track based render. But I think the render engine may work in many workflows.


For now i’m using 2 solutions.

1.Export the files with cycle markers and naming by counter.
Using AntRenamer http://www.antp.be/software/renamer which is a GREAT tool invented for batch renaming.

2.Export the Marker track as a CSV file.
Open the .csv file in Excel and add any information you want.
Import the csv file back to Nuendo you just modified.
In this way,naming on cycle markers could be done.
But there’s a problem.
I found out that when saving as csv, it only save the position as Timecode format.
And the Timecode is really NOT precisely enough than any other format.
So when importing back, there wiil be some position issue :frowning:

I’m stiil looking for another solutions. :slight_smile:

Mrx XY