[FR] Better Window Management

I think Wavelab 9’s way of dockable windows is great. I don’t think with the number of windows one can open in Nuendo, manual management of windows is practical. Even with Workspaces (that don’t seem to work well on multi monitor setups and windows constantly don’t get back to their place when recalling) it’s still a hassle. There’s always some window you need that’s not in sight. So you start configuring windows to be “always on top”. Until every window is always on top and you have the same problem again.

Suggestion: Use the dockable window system from Wavelab 9. This way we can make configurations and no matter how we scale that frame window, all components are going to move with it and we don’t have to move every window one by one all the time. This also solves the problems of windows floating on top of each other as one can create a config that works.

(I had this request in a monolithic request post but I realized nobody could comment sensibly in any way so I broke it out. Maybe I’ll see that way what makes sense and people +1 and what doesn’t make sense. Sorry for the hassle.)

Just out of curiosity.

Is everybody on vacation? Or are the feature requests I wrote up not interesting to you guys? Are there bigger issues (e.g. VCA) that take all the attention so my requests are “nice to have” as long as Nuendo doesn’t work correctly?

Just wondering. Even if nobody thinks my requests are interesting, it would be interesting for me to know if they aren’t. I would really love seeing those implemented to modernize Nuendo in future releases. But maybe my requests are just exotic.

Your suggestion makes a lot of sense.
I beleive tabbed interface was introduced with Wavelab 5 and I immediately liked it. It was so fast and easy to use compared to multitude of separate windows.

I find the biggest issue with plugin windows which are sometimes too big and come in many shapes. They too could be opened in a separate tab(s), with their own visibility configurations etc.

I agree that window management is currently not optimal. I’ve started I think two or three threads on it here, and I’ve mentioned it in the n7 section. Like with a lot of other things there are no responses.

My personal primary concern has to do with how window management interferes with key commands and plugin windows etc. But anyway, I agree with you.

I’ve as well started at least a couple of threads relating to my specific issues with window management (in my case, mostly workspaces).

I wouldn’t necessarily take non-written response on the forum as lack of interest. Nobody’s ever responded to MY workspace issue, either. :smiley:


Just to be clear; I was referring to Steinberg not commenting, not other users not commenting.

OK, as I said, I was just wondering. I made my suggestions and I hope somebody from Steinberg will take the ideas we have here and in other threads into a meeting and discuss these.

I also realize that I’m quite new here on these forums, just came over to Nuendo when version 7 was released. Lots of the things I suggest were suggested long before me in the Nuendo 6 and probably 5, 4, 3… sub-forums. It’s sad these things have not been addressed, and it’s interesting to see that new people (me) also stumble upon these sometimes obvious and still present flaws that still haven’t been addressed. Maybe there just needs to be more pressure on Steinberg to finally react.

I just yesterday saw a video from the AVID Connect keynote. Half the time of the keynote, the CEO was talking about the AVID family (he meant all the users around the world) and about how great it was to collaborate and have this AVID internal fair where they could talk to all the industry pros about workflow, features and where the development should go next with Pro Tools. It seems “listening to the community” is something they’re marketing the hell out of. I don’t know if they really do listen or just say they do, but people seemed happy.

In today’s day and age, being so easily accessible via mail and forums, is a mixed blessing. You get all the people bombarding you with things they want. Which is work to read through and react to. On the other hand, it’s never been easier listening to how people in the field work, how the professional landscape changes, what new demands are in the pro industry, and to get high quality ideas you wouldn’t have come up with in the first place, just working in your ivory tower. People come to you with ideas. Some bad ones, some great ones. Steinberg can just take the best ones, sell them as upgrade, and make people happy.

Anyway, from what I experience and see on these forums, there is some interaction with Steinberg, but it could be a lot more. In every software company I worked in, those were the best that had a very tight relationship to their users. We got great ideas what to develop next and in return, our customers were extremely happy with the support, development and product.

I think Nuendo would benefit hugely form the kind of window management you see in Adobe software, particularly Premier Pro. This is basically totally in agreement with the OP. Tabbed and dockable windows please, with multiple monitor intelligence and rock solid recall of window arrangements. Agreed.

However, N7 is the result of a somewhat agonised and lengthy transition from a very old interface to a more up to date one. Much has been praised, but much has also been severely criticised. The issue for many users is a lack of a feeling that SB is there to help and listen. This is unfortunately driving a negative view of SB.

Meanwhile, I (and others) just want to get on with the job of creating sound and music as quickly and elegantly as possible in a professional context. Currently, as a result of the interface re-birth that has occurred with Nuendo, there are several very annoying inconsistencies in the interface which need addressing. I feel that I have given a lot of slack (i.e. upgraded faithfully) to this re-birthing process, but reached the end of my patience with it. The Workspace idea is evidently not meeting the needs of the users, and is not OS savvy/efficient. I have posted about my frustrations with getting N7 to simply recall window positions.

Tabbed or framed dockable windows, across multiple monitors and working correctly on both Windows and Mac sound like a dream to me.

But it should be a reality, or at least a discussion or some sort of feedback from SB should be a reality.

SB - please respond.