FR / (BUG) autosave

Well, not really a bug per se.

Cubase doesn’t seem to autosave as long as playback is on. This can lead to disasters.

For me I very often have the track rolling while getting ideas, singing cue vocals etc and more often than not stuff like moving a midi event or loading a vst instruments leads to a crash.

I often remember to save manually each time I change anything 'cause sooner or later the program WILL crash.

So this is a feature request to actually have the autosave SAVE a version of the song in the intervals it’s set to.

Agreed… You should submit something in the CB10 feature request area. If you search the word “autosave” in any previous feature request area you will see this has been an ongoing concern for many.

In my opinion, if an autosave happens during recording or playback some sound glitch will most likely be recorded/heard. But, if a scheduled autosave time comes up during recording or playback, maybe that autosave can be remembered to execute as soon as the stop button is pressed.

As it works now, it seems like scheduled autosave times are skipped over if they happen to occur during recording & playback. So if you are doing a bunch of editing/listening that autosave never gets triggered.

Regards :sunglasses:

you may be right about the skipping!

Hmmm. Many times, as soon as I stop the playback, there are one or two seconds of business with the cursor spinning. I always assumed Cubase was executing the overdue autosave. Maybe not?