FR: capo by layout, and a wording suggestion

It would really be helpful to display capos on a layout basis. I am increasingly making a lead sheet in which I need both a capo layout and a regular layout.

I know that I can set up two players, one of them using a capo, and perhaps that is less cumbersome than it feels. It just seems to be more intuitive to me to have one player, and choose the capo based on the layout. I think of these layouts as “options” rather than specifically assigned to one player or another.

A small suggestion regarding the wording of the capo options in setup mode—> player—> chord symbols: the wording is confusing to me, and I find I usually have to explain it to new users. I think it would make more sense to say:

Display main symbol only
Display capo symbol only
(Then the other options, etc.)

Just a few suggestions. Thanks!

Just to clarify, you’re talking about the effect of capos on chord symbols, rather than on notation/tab, yes? Because the latter is already variable by layout to some degree.

Yes that’s correct. I only use the chord symbol capo function (which I’m quite happy with, overall!). Thanks.

Another option is to use the “Show only” property in the non-capo layout, though I realise it’s not entirely elegant to have to set it on every chord symbol.

I see, select all chord symbols in that layout and use a property via the bottom panel? That would work! I hadn’t seen that option before.

It may not be technically “elegant,” but it works fine for what I need. Thanks Richard!