[FR CB-3715] Embedded loop data

Have lots of WAV and AIFF(another feature I would love!!) files with carefully crafted loops. These files have the loop data written to them and if I pull the files up in Kontakt or Peak for instance it recognizes my loop immediately. Even the sampler in Garageband can see these actually. Seems the sampler in Cubasis can not. Is this a bug or a feature yet to implement?

Hi confusa,

There should be no problem to import them to Cubasis and/or use it to create a new sampler instrument.
Also our time-stretch feature should be helpful in use these loops at various song tempos.

Please specify more details about the WAV files you try to import.


Sorry, perhaps that wasn’t clear. There is no problem importing the WAV files. AIFF doesn’t work but that is another issue. The problem is if I have created a loop within say Bias Peak for instance, when you save the file it saves the loop data to the file, the start and end points. Which may not be the start and end of the sample itself. Other software samplers seem to understand the embedded start and end points of the loop and recognize the loop position within the sound no problem. Even the limited Sampler in Garageband can see these. The sampler within Cubasis does not see these loop points and negates all the work done tuning the loop in other apps. Hope that makes sense. Can supply a WAV file with the embedded loop data if that help make it clear.


Hi Confusa,

Sorry for misunderstanding the topic.
So far the readout of loop markers is not yet supported.

We will make sure to have the request added to the backlog.


Excellent, thanks! Will save SO MUCH time when you are importing your existing loops.