[FR: CBT-1359] Feature Request - option to choose scale for keyboard

Hi there team Cubasis, hope you all had a wonderful Xmas holidays and enjoying the new year.
I don’t if these has been requested / suggested yet.
It would be nice if we could choose a scale and lock the project to it.
Or even if we could do that with the onscreen keyboard, like choose a scale and only keys in that scale would be visible.
that would really make creating in Cubasis more fun for people who don’t know much about music theory and like to use onscreen keyboard.

I need this feature, too.

Good idea, could mean more keys in the open keyboard screen, depending on the key your in, I vote for that


Hi John1289,

Thank you for your message and feature request, which has been added to the list.

BTW, in the Cubasis 2 forum some of our users created a Feature Request topic and poll.
Would be great to see something like this created by our users in the Cubasis 3 forum here, too…


Just made the poll> :blush:

Greatly appreciated and helpful for us!
Thank you!


Yes I am used to work with Korg gadget 2, and it is very usefull, just bought cubasis 3 because it is definitely more powerful, but noticed that key and scale is not included in the piano roll.


Hi @alfredogarciaw2,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis supports to use AUv3 MIDI effects.
Please check, if the wide range of available 3rd party scale apps are of help to fill the gap.

& stay well,

I suggest adding an alternative MPE keyboard

I think scales would be very nice to have in the piano roll editor. You are right that there are on-screen keyboard AUs that can do it but that doesn’t help in the editor.

Hi Lars, this would be extremely great, but also for Android. :slightly_smiling_face:

In GB, the keyboard turns into adjacent rectangles - no black or white keys.

Where is the poll located, so I can vote?

Hi all,

Thanks for your messages.

Scale support is on our list for quite some time.
Unfortunately I have no further information as of yet, when the feature might become available.

For the time being you might give 3rd party controller apps a check, which can be easily assigned as AU MIDI effect plug-ins in Cubasis.

Hope that helps!