FR: Centered Staff Labels (Horizontal) • SOLVED

First off, thanks for 3.5.10! The option to align text to the edge of a system is brilliant!

A request for D4: can we please have the option to have multi-line instrument labels be horizontally centered? Here’s an edition I’m copying this morning and this is fairly common for Parisian music from the 20th century. Thanks!

It used to work in Dorico. I just tried in Dorico 3.5.10 and it doesn’t work on a new project. It’s quite a long time ago,that I tested this, so it is not nessecarily a problem of the new update.

I’ve never been able to get it to work. Tried a long time ago and it didn’t then either, but that might have been one of the early versions. I just assumed it hadn’t been activated/coded yet. Thanks for double checking though. Glad it’s not just me.

I’m fairly sure that the text alignment options in the Edit Instrument Names dialog don’t apply to staff labels; staff labels rely on the settings in Engrave>Paragraph Styles. Obviously that affects all staff labels, but if you’ve only got one player in this project that should be ok?

My memory seems to be wrong …

Lillie, you’re correct! I never thought to look there. TBH, it is rather strange to provide the alignment options in the naming dialogue only to have them be ignored by another dialogue elsewhere… hopefully these things get sorted out while the “technical debt” is being addressed in the coming months. We’ll count that as the real FR. Regardless, your fix worked like a charm. Thank you.

You’re welcome! (For the record, it’s actually said quite a few times here - maybe I should review that…)

Right you are.

I didn’t think to check the manual for this because it seemed straightforward: I go to the edit staff names dialogue, there’s a button that I can press and a preview in the window that shows the names center aligned, I click OK, and no result.

To the end user, by all accounts, this appears a glitch. I’m presented options, I click them, get a preview that shows exactly what I want, and then I hit enter and the result is different from the preview. If the alignment buttons simply weren’t displayed, I’d have instinctively known to look elsewhere rather than thinking there is a problem, so I do believe this still needs to be addressed from a strictly UI/intuition standpoint. That said, you DID do your due diligence in the manual. Regardless, as with so many other things, now that I know what to do, it’s a non-issue, but I suspect I’m not the only one fooled by this.

I think there was a redundant “_player” in Lillie’s link - it’s giving a 404 error here. Try

Aha, yes I literally just published an update as part of which I had renamed that topic - now fixed.

Romanos, apologies I probably didn’t make it clear that I don’t think your comments are unreasonable at all! It’s something the team knows about if that helps, and is partly why I made sure there was a clear note about it in the manual in the meantime.

No worries! And I’m glad to know that this is known to the team.