[FR] Change Playback Speed

It would be great to be able to speed playback up by 10 or 15% for some of the extended editing projects I do. I think there ARE kludges you can do with interface frequency settings, but it would be nice to have a simple, in-the-box-through-inserts means of accelerating playback the way some of the other DAWs (which I don’t like nearly as much) can do.

How about it?


set to musical mode and change tempo

Can’t seem to delete this post! Bottom line: See next post. Just doesn’t do what I am looking for.

Ok, then… now I remember why I haven’t tried it… nice in concept, but doesn’t work in application. Fouls up edits to change tempo. Unless I’m missing something (and I hope I am!) that keeps events in a static domain as the tempo changes.

I work in shuffle mode and would need events to stay linear. Can’t have them moving around with tempo.