[FR] Change time display format in Toolbars' Time Display

I’d love to see an option to change (or cycle) the Time Display Format by clicking in the actual Toolbars’ Time Display.
I work with the Transport Bars closed. No “Lower Zone Transport Bar” or floating Transport Bar window on my screen…in order to save screen real estate , I work with the Toolbar only which carries my Time Display, amongst others. It’s quite annoying that I can’t change the Time Display Format by clicking in this Time Display…It can only be changed in a real Transport Bar, either in the Lower Zone or in a floating Transport Bar window…that’s a bit silly I think.

In order to have different nudging and snapping values, I change quite a lot between the Time Display Formats “Timecode” and “Seconds”, and I think this changing-of-the-Primary-Time-Display-Format can be much quicker when it’s possible to change it directly by clicking in the actual Toolbars’ Time Display, or -even better- by means of key commands and EuCon commands.

Now I use a quick workaround though: I set “Timecode” as my Primary Time Display Format and “Seconds” as my Secondary Time Display Format, and by means of the key command “`” I switch between them, which gives me the corresponding nudging and snapping values.
Though, sometimes (quite often actually), I work on musical projects, which need a third Time Display Format: Bars & Beats! So, now what?
Hence my request to implement a quicker/more overthought and intuitive method for switching between Time Display Formats…Implementing proper key commands will fulfil 90% of my wishes I think.

Maybe combining this request with this other request in which I asked for a “Stable Ruler Format” will give Nuendo a real step forward into the direction of being a proper, overthought (let’s don’t call it “Advanced” yet :wink: ) DAW? Combining a snappy way of changing the Time Display Format with changing all the projects’ Rulers (or at least the rulers which belong to some “group” for instance) to the same Time Display Format?

I think the way Steinberg overthought Cubase 9.5’s new Click implementation is an excellent example of modern thinking and rethinking. I hope this is a fresh air that doesn’t stop there or is blocked by dusty marketing-only concerns…

Niek/ Amsterdam.