FR: Chord name in text frame for educational purpose sheet

As Dorico currently has limitations when duplicating flows (in term of layout) , it could be nice to be able to put chord names (shift +Q) in text frames and thus be transposable and keep layout.

If this layout is only going to contain pentatonic excerpts, of the same length and requiring the same centered position, you could achieve this result without manually positioning the systems in Engrave mode.


Or, create a page template where the music frame is inset from the left/right edges, and apply that page template to the pages where you want to show these examples. The page template can also have other frames on, for text, or other musical examples.

Tthank you for your time and reply.
I think I didn’t express myself very well, the image only has informative and non-specific case. I often need to writeexercises in several keys, modes or chords. This information can appear in different places on a page.
My question is in fact more of an FR :
To be able to have a “chord” variable that can be transposed like the chords written by “Shift +Q” a bit like a {@chordName@} tokens, but transposable like perhaps the token would be equal to “Shift +Q”.
I hope to be more precise and if I’m the only one who needs this: then too bad, uniqueness is a musician’s spice

Perhaps what you’re asking for is the option to give chord symbols an enclosure, like the option for text items? Or a token that indicates the first key signature in a flow, for example?

Thanks you @Lillie_Harris !
here is a fictitious example:
Start :

Then select all and transpose to have this result :

  • For the moment I save each example in 12 tonalities each time, but a lot of files and Dorico’s file are heavy ( 70ko of Xml is ~1.5Mo in dorico)
    But as I said it’s a fictive example, sometimes it’s different and when it’s transposed I must change notes due to tessiture of instrument
    In fact I researched a “FR” because solution can always be found with time and workaround.
    One more time If I’m alone to need this kind of “FR”, no hassle

Perhaps I’ll try with your proposition with page template??!!

Edit for me to remind me:
Almost! by creating a template page with addition of frame with flow containing the minimum with a 0-line instrument and only a chord name.
The house of cards collapsed when I selected them all and did transpose: Dorico cannot transpose several fows at once