FR: Comp Tool - Select/Erase a "Comp Line"

Hi -

Sometimes long after I’ve created a comp selection with the Comp “Hand” tool, I find I want to delete the line that acts as a boundary between the comp selections on its right and left. I don’t know any other way to delete lines like that except going way back in the history to do so, which means losing all the work done since then, so that’s almost always a no go for me.

My FR is to be able to select a boundary line between two comped areas and delete it, without affecting other work that may have been done since that comp was created.

Thank you!

(For what it’s worth, the line I want to dissolve is usually where somehow Cubase has a Comp part of almost infintesimally small length that I want to dissolve and be connected to the Comp parts on either side of it.

The line is there for a reason. It’s the product of your edits with the comp tool.

The comp tool is a combination of select and cut.
If you click and move at the same time, it selects small portions of audio and brings them to the front.

Thanks, @st10ss ,

After reviewing your link, It seems my problem is with Resizing and adjusting splits.

I’ll hear a click on playback after creating regions with the comp tool, zoom in and see there is the tiniest bit of audio between two comp regions. That is always undesired (“Why is that there, I didn’t think I did that!”, I say).

I don’t know how to fix it at that point, except for going back to the raw audio and staying over. Click shifting etc in these situations doesn’t result in the usual behavior.

I’ve had this experience going back many versions of Cubase Pro, I wish I knew what part of my Comping motions I need to change.

Set the Snap Type to “Grid” and turn off “Snap to Zero Crossings”. That might help.