FR: Comp version recall

After using the comping system in 6.5 for a while, there’s one important thing I’m missing. When between sessions I review the latest version of the comp, I’d like to be able to revert to the one I started reviewing with in an instant. Even better: to have several (dated) versions saved somewhere as part of the track or project. Any takers?

Duplicate track?

Mm, might work, but I simply want the choices made for the initial comp to be returned. It is, after all, just a set of choices between lanes. My present workaround is a screenshot…

Hmm… actually I didn’t see the FR bit so was just thinking aloud. How about undo in the history list (a bit messy though) if it actually puts the edits into the undo list?

Would be nice to have a “snapshot” capability for quick recall/comparison

Even if it does, I might have to undo some other stuff that doesn’t concern the comp. That’s why I use a screenshot now. Hopefully someone from Steinberg will pick up on this, we’ll see. Thanks for thinking along.