FR: control over note distribution for multi-stave input

Little feature request here. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand emojis:

PS: I know I can split them out, but for ease of arranging, I like to keep the violins together…

I tried this out with more notes and more staves. The algorithm appears to be: Divide the number of notes entered by the number of staves selected, and if there’s any remainder, give one note to each staff and put all the rest in the bottom staff. A logical choice from a programmer perspective, but not the most musically useful.

In multiple-instrument/voice homophony the top or upper parts are usually divided more than the lower, for various reasons. (The higher notes are easier to hear distinctly, there are more violins than cellos, or sopranos than basses, etc.) I would want apportionment to start at the bottom and the remainder put in the top voice. That would handle Dan’s case here.

It’s disappointing to find I can’t even put 2 notes into each of 2 instruments by playing 4-note chords, or other combinations where the number of notes divides evenly. Not a big deal, but since it was brought up I thought I’d investigate.