FR: Controller Lane Setup left inspector tab in MIDI editors - search, visual indicators, EASIER

two modes of display - ‘CC Controllers’ and ‘Presets’

  • CC Controllers mode is a click on/click off / enable/disable protocol. CC Controllers that are lane enabled are highlighted in the menu, and CC Controllers that are not lane enabled are not highlighted. This allows users to quickly enabled/disable what they need to see on the fly.

    CC Controllers that have data points are neon-green/bright colour bordered in the menu or have some sort of symbol indicator like a simple Dot :radio_button:

    This new left menu would have filtration button to show only CCs that have data points and or are displayed as a lane.

  • Presets display mode would show all the users presets.

    normal left clicking would remove any current lanes and replace them with the preset completely.

    alt+left clicking, would add/mend the CC lanes in the preset to the currently displayed CC Lanes in the editor.

Everything can happen in this new tab/window. renaming, sorting, etc. No need to open a menu, and then a sub-window menu, and then another sub-window just to rename a preset like it is currently (that’s three layers of menu/window currently!)

  • It would be great if this tab could actually be a pop out floating window with ‘Always On Top’ enable/disable functionality and be re-sizable for easier management of presets/renaming, and CC name viewing, etc.

  • This should also be an opportunity, to include a CC Name renaming editor/utility, which would be stored on a per preset basis.

    This way I can save a preset for my Access Virus or other synths, and have the CC names be relative to their actual parameters.