FR: Convert MIDI track + VST to Instrument Track (and vice versa)


I would like to see a function (o better said two), which allows me to…

  • convert a MIDI track routed to a VSTi to an Instrument Track
  • convert an Instrument Track to a MIDI Track + VSTi

respecting VSTi settings and Inserts/Channelstrip as well, if possible.


  • I make some use of the MIDI Loop functions, which are only available for Instrument Tracks
  • When I change manually form MIDI + VSTi to Instrument Tracks, I have to…
  1. save the VST preset
  2. save FX chain and Channelstrip settings
  3. create the Instrument Tracks
  4. move MIDI sequence
  5. load VST preset
  6. load FX chains and Channelstrip settings
  • Using MIDI Track + VSTi gives me two tracks inside the Mixer (yes, I know, I can hide MIDI tracks…)

Anyone else interested in a feature like this?
Or any clever workaround? I don´t think I can get a macro working like this…

All the best


I thought it’s already was possible.
A function to convert midi track in instrument track I think is necessary.