FR - copy all between rehearsal marks

So unless I’m mistaken, to copy a section I have to manually select (in a variety of ways) everything that I want to copy, and, having selected all the notes, I also have to also select, using CMD click, any chord diagrams AND their names separately, until everything I want is highlighted. I can then click CMD-C and paste that entire section wherever I want.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a command “copy range between selected Rehearsal marks” ? or something similar?

I know you can select the bar header(s) and that highlights nearly everything - not the chord diagram name unfortunately, but even without chords it’s still a pretty tedious way to copy a large range of music.

Oh, yes, my +1!!!

Aside from the System Track, a marquee selection will also copy chord symbols. For that matter, if you make a block music selection you can then hold Cmd and draw a marquee selection around a bunch of chord symbols, and they will then be added to the selection. I’m not remotely disagreeing with your feature request, but I had to put you out of your misery re: Cmd clicking individual chord symbols!

Thanks Pianoleo! That is a useful trick to know about, I see one can then select non-contiguous notes, so that is very useful (but not as useful as my FR!).

The chord thing is a bit gnarly, though. Originally chord symbols were selected with regular selections, but it made it too easy to inadvertenly copy and paste chord symbols incorrectly over existing chord symbols (think about a situation where you’re repeating an ostinato, for instance, on a single stave) - and of course they’d end up wrong in every stave, making the mistake harder to spot.