FR copy articulations and filter notes on properties

Hello the Dorico team,

Altough I am a very satisfied user of Dorico, two features would be very usefull to improve my workflow :

  • Duplicate or propagate articulations in one or many staves. il is currently possible for slurs, but note for accent are tenuto which are note properties.

I know that it is possible to copy the music and then change de notes, but when I work on orchestrating sections it is not a good solution, because I work most a the time verticaly.

As a former Sibelius user, I was used to copying articulations and it is for me the most lacking feature in Dorico. I waste a lot of time with that and really hope improvements in the future.

  • note filter on properties
    It would be very usefull to filter notes on properties.
    Some examples :
  • filter notes which have fingerings or laisser vibrer to remove it
  • filter notes which end a voice to clean bad import or transcriptions
  • filter on articulations to change it in a selection

This would be nice in the next version.