FR: Copy & paste From One Channel to Another Channel

since i have cubase pro 11, i use spectralayers pro 7 as ARA extension…
and i stumbled on something that i wanted to do, a sound, at 4Khz, and a lot of space between the lower frequencies, is almost only one channel, i wanted to copy & paste that sound, it is quite simple, from the left to the right channel… so it sounds on both channels, while the lower frequencies, nicely “leslie”…

but spectralayers, i use, but didn’t do stereo stuff (i mean most are stereo files, but didn’t want, i thought of placing sounds to left or right…), so…

must i split the stereo file into 2 mono files (group them of course), or is there another solution.

or am i missing something very obvious.

thanks! yes! that is what i mean, why did i never noticed ‘channels’??!!

but soloing left, cuts also right still. i tried cut, for trial. but, i shall read RTFM…

shall try it standalone, with another “sample”.

but in ARA mode, it must work as you describe, maybe a setting…

indeed it was very obvious, but i was looking at all the wrong places, and not at the place you highligted. thanks. many thanks. will try if it will succeed.

and indeed i want from the left channel copy, simple with o the post is gone. i shall dive further into it.

sorry delete my post while you were typing…
you dont just solo the channel, make sure the single channel is selected so that one is dark grey and other is light grey (dont use the solo/mutes)

what i found is i could cut/delete or alter any one channel L or R individually using that method

but i couldn’t copy/paste between the 2 channels which i think is what you were wanting to do? (why i deleted that post)

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i used the standalone version, is easier, to rule out other things.

yes copy/paste between 2 channels, that is what i want.

i can cut and paste, copy and paste in one channel, but not from left to right for instance.

that is a real pity, you can achieve great results with it, also make detailed stereo files…

but thanks for responding, i am not always clear in my posts, i know.

it is indeed not solo, but select, and you can do editing in one channel, which is by the way also progress (for me, why didn’t i never notice it? never needed it, until now… that’s the spirit, not. so much to discover.)

but from one channel to another channel, no.

EDIT: thanks for your reply and help!

No probs, hopefully this could be added in a futreversion @Robin_Lobel ? (copy paste between channels)


yes a great FR, would extend the possibilities exponentially, that is how spectralayers is made, in my opinion, the combination of possibilities, are the power this program.

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Right now you have to use Process > Amplitude > Channels Remixer.
But yes, I agree a simple copy/paste between channels would be more convenient.


ok! thanks for this workaround. i shall try it.

but still: FR simple copy/paste between channels would (i repeat) a lot to the possibilities (and workflow).

again thanks!

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this is an old thread, but it recieved a like…

and in Pro 8 it is now possible! thanks!
for a sound brut designer SpectraLayers Pro 8 is still thé full spectral editor.

(Hit’n’Mix DeepAudio is a great addition to this realm… another approach… both evenly powerfull…
EDIT: not as stem extracter, which is also nice, but my main purpose is spectral editing of own samples… if you have both, best of 2 worlds, no that is not the expression… 1 world with 2 different approaches; the spectral world; 2 approaches: full spectral and notes (in spectral form…))