[FR] Creating Folder Tracks - How Many?

[This is part of a selection of Feature Requests I’m submitting on behalf of my colleagues as we evaluate Cubase as a replacement for Vegas in our department. Be good to know if others are interested. If anyone at Steinberg feel there is a better way for me to submit these, please send me a PM and I’ll be happy to discuss further]

When you create an Audio, or Group, or Midi track, Cubase asks you how many. Not so with folder tracks for some reason. Be good to be able to do this.

Ok - I’ll give a +1 for that. Personally, I don’t know how often I’d use this. I tend to create them as and when needed. Still, its no harm to me if your workflow could benefit - and even if just for completeness sake, it should be there.

Thanks for the +1!

I think that’s often the problem with submitting such feature requests - it’s often hard for an idea to gain traction if it’s not something people get excited about, even if it’s something that would potentially be quite useful, and certainly wouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Especially as I might expect adding code support for such a feature like this would involve minimal work.


In Cubase you can select the desired tracks in the project window --> right click --> Move selected tracks to a new folder. perhaps that is what you are looking for ?



No, no… read again…! He wants to create several Folder Tracks at the same time - like you can choose to create ‘x-number’ of Audio, Group, MIDI tracks etc, from the dialog box after you hit ‘Add Track’ (type) function…

Possible Chris hasn’t entirely got the wrong end of the stick here - I guess he is suggesting rather than creating a bunch of new folder tracks, then moving everything into them, I create the folder tracks I need using the method he suggested. Something I will try, but I think there’s nothing wrong with having the functionality I requested also.

I would advise you to put the command “Add Track–> Folder Tack” on a KeyCommand. This way you can create the folder very quick by pressing on the Key for Command several times. Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata… :slight_smile:


I did understand the request :wink:

The way it works now in Cubase / Nuendo has a background: Most of the users wanted to select tracks from all over the place and wanted to place them at once in a folder.

With the request here you would select create folder track --> select the amount --> press ok --> select the tracks you want to have in the folder --> move them in the folder

In Cubase 6 you select the tracks you want to have in the folder --> right click --> Move selected tracks to a new folder.



Got you - ok, apologies (Chris and JezCorbett…!) :slight_smile:

And yes Chris, this is already my favoured method of working… :wink:

JHP has good ideas too…! The PLE - I so-o-o don’t use it… must sit down with it one day.

And then you say:
“Aaaaaaaaah!” :sunglasses:

And FX tracks, because grouptracks you can give a count. this is always a mistery to me.
Or is that already possible in 6? Then I will keep my mouth shut. I am on 5.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks Chris - I understand that would be a good way of working too, but there will likely still be instances where we would be wanting to make a series of folder tracks before creating related audio tracks, such as when setting up a project - I see no reason why would couldn’t have both options? Worth considering at least?

It’s a mystery to me too. Not there in C6 either