FR - Cubasis Audio / Sample Editor Improvements


The audio event/sample editor grid is still mandated by the arrangers ‘time-line format’(Time / Bars & Beats) even when snap-grid is disabled in the audio event editor.

This makes sample accurate editing of recorded audio a quite tricky task.

There are some work arounds to allow nearly sample-accurate editing of audio by disabling the snap-grid and setting the arrangers time-line format to ‘Time’.

Suggested Solution:

Instead of having to resort to various work-arounds (like changing between Time / Bars & Beats).

When the ‘Grid’ is set to OFF in the audio event editor it should automatically switch to ‘Sample/Time Mode’ when using the start & end handles allowing near-sample accurate editing.

An optional ‘snap to x-crossing’ when moving the handles could be handy to reduce potential clicks.

Another suggestion is to separate ‘editing handles’ and ‘audio event handles’.

This would make it easier to apply edits to a selection of the recording without having to change the start & end positions of the audio-event potentially messing things up.