FR: Custom key signature accidental positioning for G8 and other clefs

Working on a choral arrangement of a traditional Arabic song. I’ve made a custom key signature and additionally forced the accidentals on the lower position on the staff in G clef. On the tenor staff, this setting is ignored, and I can’t explitly set the positioning for treble 8 clef, or any other more obscure ones.

I wonder if Dorico is actually so smart that it is not considering the octave of those accidentals in an absolute sense, instead of as a position on a staff.
If that were the reason, it would be quite cool, even if it’s not what you want!

Now, assuming my intuition is correct, you could try to create either of these:

  1. a new custom key signature with the natural F and sharp G one octave below than that (if this is not possible with treble clef, try with another clef and then change it afterwards).
  2. insert the new KS as a local KS change

PS: I’ve tried and it doesn’t seem to be the case… it would be great if this would be possible.

We will add some logic such that the built-in clefs that “look like” the default G and F clefs will respect the settings for the standard G and F clefs for accidentals in custom key signatures, which will take care of this problem.


Annnd fixed in v5.1.30! :smiley: