FR: Custom "names" for CC numbers

Many sample libraries use combinations of multiple CCs to trigger articulations. However, the expression maps in Dorico and the CC lanes in Play Mode only show the generic CC numbers, making it hard to recall what CC had been assigned to what parameters out 127 available. If these assignments are different between instruments and libraries, it can also lead to mistakes and/or confusion.

I don’t know if this has been raised/addressed before, but it would be really helpful if CCs could be given a custom “tag”, alias or name field and shown right next to there standard CC number, here:


E.g: | MIDI CC: | CC23 “Bow Pressure” |

And the same here:


E.g.: |Control Change | 21 “Bow Position”| 75

If these tags or aliases are possible per-instrument and saved/recalled with Endpoints, it would be ideal.



Emphatic agreement.

I guess some people can simply hold in their head the 1,000 different simultaneous moving parts of a complex MIDI implementation, but for the rest of us…

Yes, this has been suggested before and I hope that once we have switched over to the new and improved Play mode, we’ll be able to tackle some much-needed quality of life improvements like this. It will take time, though, so please have some patience with us!


Yes please