FR - Custom shortcut for dead notes

I realize there’s no shortcut that can be assigned to dead notes.
In Guitar Pro for instance I can just type x on any line/string of the tab and it displays a dead note (or I can select any group of fret numbers like chords or single notes then type x and it turns them into dead notes).

If we could get that in a future minor update that’d be awesome !


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Excuse my ignorance, but what does a dead note sound like? Are these notes only found on specific instruments? (I am aware of the term applied to harpsichords, where a string has no resonance, usually because of a badly installed nut or bridge pin; but this is not a prized feature of such an instrument, and not notated in a score!)

Easy enough to find searching the web for “dead note guitar.”

Hey David !

Sorry for the late reply I was away.
A dead note is ususally played on guitar and bass, but to be honest it could be played on any stringed instrument.
It has a percussive sound and usually it consists of muting the string(s) with your left hand and strumming with your right hand (provided you’re right handed).

It’s very common on guitar and bass, whether in funk, rock, metal, folk, african music, etc…

But you should definitely look them up on youtube for instance, I’m sure you’ll find lots of examples and depending on what you listen to, you might even start recognizing them when listening to your favorite artists/bands (unless you’re mostly listening to classical music for instance, in which I don’t think it’s much used or used at all).

Many thanks for the explanation.

How are dead notes actually notated.?


With an x notehead (or an x on tab).

In the properties panel, there’s obviously a switch for dead notes… Which Playback Technique is this linked to?
My guitar library has an articulation for that… :sunglasses:


Just chiming in, this would indeed be a great function! I was disappointed to see it’s not a function which can be assigned to a hotkey. Some music requires a lot of dead notes, having to use the switch in the properties panel can become quite time-consuming!


I just upgraded a couple of weeks ago to v5, hadn’t checked yet if it was finally available as I’ve been quite busy with recording sessions, but apparently not yet, thanks for bumping it up !
It is indeed time-consuming to go through the properties panel each time, especially since we guitarists often use dead notes.
@dspreadbury do you think it can be added in the next update ?

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@dspreadbury Here’s an example of what we do in GP : just select the notes, press x and tada
That would be very useful and save us a lot of time, thanks in advance !

Pardon the plug: as with virtually all property edits, this task should be easy to set up with the ConsoleTools framework.