[FR] Customisable Multi-channel Bus

I have mentioned this before (on my old account, back in the N4 days). I would find it very useful to have a multi-channel bus, to which channels can be freely routed.

I think an example is the clearest way of explaining…!

I have 5 stereo instruments, which I would like to route to a multi-channel plugin (in this case the plugin is SPAT:http://www.fluxhome.com/products/plug_ins/ircam_spat. This is a reverberation plugin with distance/position controls. I would like to manipulate all of my 5 instruments in one instance of the plugin. This is trivial in PT, and EVEN Reaper…

There is a small workaround to semi-accomplish this in Nuendo: Child buses. The problem is that none of the preset options for child buses allow me to configure the channels I would like to use, and none of the presets accommodate 5 stereo child buses.

This is the ideal workflow for me:

Instruments_Channel Number A_1 A_2, B_1 B_2, C_1 C_2, D_1 D_2, E_1 E_2.
SPAT Group Channel (10ch) SP_1, SP_2, SP_3, SP_4, SP_5, SP_6, SP_7, SP_8, SP_9, SP_10.


A_1 A_2 == SP_1 SP_2
B_1 B_2 == SP_3 SP_4
C_1 C_2 == SP_5 SP_6
D_1 D_2 == SP_7 SP_8
E_1 E_2 == SP_9 SP_10

The SPAT group would output Left and Right, to my Stereo Output.

That was probably not the clearest explanation but I hope I’ve shown you where I think the helpful preset output configurations of Nuendo fall down a bit. This is all from a musician’s perspective on a specific issue, where technical standards are not necessary.


Yes, this limitation irks me as well.