FR: Cycle through inversions

One feature that I would really love to see is a method to cycle through inversions.
What I mean is this: Imagine 3 horns that play a (notated) G major chord: d2 - h1 - g1.
When cycling downwards, I would like Dorico to move the g1 from hrn 3 to hrn2, the h1 from hrn 2 to hrn 1, and the d2 from hrn 1 an octave lower ant to hrn3: h1 - g1 - d1.
When cycling upwards, I would like Dorico to move in the opposite direction, resulting in g2 - d2 - h1.

Of course there will be situations where this is not trivial, but in cases where you have a chord but it’s just an inversion too high or too low, this would be very practical.

Thanks for considering! :slight_smile:


Oooo… this is a great idea!