[FR] develop more deeply "show tracks with DATA"

This “show tracks with data” thing. Potentially very powerful, if only we could better define the “with data” part.

Mu issue is this: the tracks that “have data” are MIDI tracks. And these, or rather to be more precise, the VST Instruments channels they route to, are really what I need to see in the mix console.

It would be great if N6 could calculate which VST Instruments channels are being sent to from the MIDI tracks that have parts on them, say between locators. I know, this is the “show used tracks” feature from years ago, re-visited.

In the inspector (by folding out the VST channel section and choosing which output), a MIDI track can be “associated” with a specific output of a specific VST Instrument. Therefore, all the “signal flow information” is already in place to make my feature request work. no?

It would be an amazing feature for both Nuendo and Cubase users. The result would be:

Choose “show channels with MIDI data targeting them between locators”
Result: all VST Instrument channels that are actually actively receiving audio form the MIDI parts that are present between the locators would be exclusively shown on the mix console. Voila. All the redundant channels that are silent would be hidden. Double voila.


(PS I own about 4 Nuendo and Cubase licenses. Does this make my FR any clearer?)