[FR] DeVerberate - analysis/processing

Seeing as there is already a ‘noise reduction/removal’ ability within SL, could this be expanded somehow into performing (automatic) DeVerberate analysis/processing on an audio clip, in a future update.?

Or am I already missing a trick.? (have Elements 6 but waiting for SL7 ‘Patch 2’ release, before taking out another SL Pro trial period)


There’s already a Reverb Reduction process in SL Pro :slight_smile:

Lovely - ok, thanks Robin… will look out for that in my next trial. Off to read up about it in the manual… :slight_smile:

[EDIT] been reading the manual. Hmm… not sure. Seems this talks about dealing with reverb tails only (after analysis of the tail itself (?)); maybe just ‘dampening’ that part of the audio signal, where it exists…?

I’ll have to see in a Trial myself of course, but I was more thinking about the general removing of overall reverb from within recordings - much like the Acon Digital ‘DeVerberate’ plugin performs… their website sound demos are pretty good. Are you familiar…?

I guess the best way would be to apply a VST3 FX plugin and be done with it… (Acon Digital DeVerberate is such a plugin) :mrgreen:

Well, that’s what it does : removing the reverb tails removes the reverb, so you get a dry signal in the end. I think that’s what you’re looking for ?

OK, great… Let’s see…