FR: disable key change at the end of a line

Hi folks,

this was discussed in the German Facebook group.

In books (studies) that contain exercises most commonly prior indication of a key change at the end of a line is not wanted.

There are two common ways to deal with this:

  1. don’t us key signatures at all and use accidentals all over the place
  2. hide the indicator at the end of the line.

Dorico should be able to handle both those ways properly.

Please see the following pictures as examples for point 2:

Trumpet methods from 1929 to 2015

2 more - couldn’t upload all 5 in one post

while all methods are consistent, this one switches forth and back between 1 and 2:

Use multiple flows, or use a chain of hidden Codas if you must, and see this lengthy thread.

as a work-around yes… clever

But there was a discussion in the German group and John asked me to post expamples here on the forum (no copyright issues due to a different focus)