FR: Display left offset when system is moved right

From time to time, I want to offset the left margin of a system, and it would be helpful to see the exact positioning as a numerical value so I can compare indents without trying to remember the number of keypresses. A new master page might be a solution here, but I think a numerical value would be a little simpler.

Or perhaps I can extrapolate it from the values provided, but if so, I can’t make it out.



For additional reference, here’s what I’m wanting to achieve. The systems are centered (well, almost) and variable-width. Without specific values, I’ll either need to eye this, or create lots of music frames (not preferred). Thanks for considering.


Once again, Dan, I couldn’t agree more. This would be so very helpful. I would use this almost daily. Sometimes I have to take scores into AP and select certain staves and center them.