[FR] Divide Tracklist in N5 - move subtracks/subfolders

Is anyone here using the “Divide Tracklist” feature?
Unfortunately it is totally useless for me since it is not possible to move tracks or folders to the other tracklist, if they are located in folders. :imp:

I keep ALL of my MIDI template sorted in many folders and subfolders . Of course massive scrolling and opening and closing folders. And the divide tracklist feature is no help at all to me, because of the above mentioned limitation.

Since the show/hide feature for N5 is not finished, it would at least be a very nice workaround to select tracks I want to concentrate on, move them over to the other tracklist, and when finished I could move them back to the main tracklist view to their original folder locations in the template.

But, it does not work. Too bad. :frowning: Please can you plan an update which enables tracks in folders and the subfolders to be moved to the other tracklist?

I agree with you, i also use the folders a lot and hence am not able to use the divider anymore. Would love to have it just work like you have 2 arrange windows.

I believe this might get some integration together with the upcoming show/hide features. Anyway I hope it will be possible to use divide tracklist in an upcoming 5.x with subtracks/subfolders.
Although according to this thread it does no look like too many users are aware of this feature or are using it. Guess it could be pushed back to “low prio” then.

Has anyone checked how Cubase 6 is handling this?

I use it all the time, but I only keep my marker and video tracks up there. Should be more flexible though

I use divide track list all the time so that I can see the click, and some of the drums/rhythm section in the upper section, while I record scoring in the lower section. Since I am on N3 can’t speak to the folder problem.


Has anyone checked the behaviour of tracklists with the Cubase 6 trial? Any improvements over there?

i must be missing something. i can move folders of audio or midi between the two halves of a divided track list whether they are in folders or not.

Yes, but you can not move any track which is located in a folder to the other tracklist and vice versa. That is the problem.

Anyone checked how this is acting in Cubase 6 ? I keep everything in folders, so someone at product planning should please explain to me how this is supposed to work.

This could have been really practical, just select a bunch of tracks, inside or outside of folders, move them to the other tracklist for editing, minimize the primary other tracklist in the meantime. Then, when finished send them back to their original position in the other tracklist. No, of course this does not work. Too bad.