FR: Don't tie from note not in preceding position

Currently, doing keyboard note input if you hit T and then a pitch that didn’t occur in the previous rhythmic position, it’ll tie back to whenever that pitch last occured…even if it was several pages ago.

It’d be nice to…not do that.

I can see maybe why that behavior might be intentional - like extending a ringing note on a guitar say. What about an easy way to break a tie at a specific place? Could be my ignorance, but whenever and for whatever reason I want to edit a tie, I only know to shorten the note. That’s a pain if its a particularly non-standard offbeat duration, and I end up having to more or less rewrite a rhythm again.

Put the caret where you want to cut the tie, then type U. Note that this functionality can be used anywhere in a note, for instance to cut a half/minim into a dotted quarter/crotchet and an eighth/quaver.

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