[FR] DOP put into memory button

It would be nice if the DCP had a way of putting the existing plugin parameter changes made in Memory so that you can apply it to another clip or series of clips after the window is closed and reopened. I know we can save presets for plug ins and even store DCP batch processes, however specifically when using the tool to LEARN a sections (for E.G> match EQ, noise profiles, Hum suggestions, Noise reduction hiss suggestions) this would be helpful as it does not keep the last change in memory when you close and reopen the window. Which would be cumbersome to store presets for a serious of these learns. There are a few work around but store in memory button would be awesome.

Thanks in advance for the consideration.

DCP? I guess you mean DOP.
DCP stands for digital cinema package

I do think this is a limitation in the plugins. Stenberg Plugins does work the way you describe but none of them have such learning features.

yes my apologies DOP.

Too many abbreviated technical terms these days. thanks for clarifying