FR: dragging to select spacing handles in engrave mode

Greetings Team: I know that you CAN drag to select spacing handles in engrave mode, however I noticed something a little odd: if you click and drag, you can only do it from within the boundaries of the score, that is to say: if you accidentally start dragging your cursor from the edges around the score, nothing will be selected, even when there is only a single page in view. Would it be possible to ease this particular restriction, so that the selection bounding box could start in the space surrounding the score? The current behavior can be mildly vexing when you have small margins and need to select multiple handles at the left hand side of the page near the no-man’s land that is the dorico background.

edit- I’ve discovered that you CAN select from the background BETWEEN pages, you simply cannot start a selection left of the first page (which consequently affects all 1-page layouts).