FR: Draw constrained to scale or chord.

Working in the Key Editor, I’d like to have the Draw Tool enter notes that are constrained to a selected scale, the Chord Track and, perhaps, even a Snapshot of Chords or Scales.

As it is now, the draw tool (line) enters notes chromatically. I’d like it to have the option of drawing diatonically . :bulb:

I’d like to have the option of Drawing in Scales and Drawing in Arpeggios and having those constrained to – 1) The current chord and scale derived from the Chord Track, 2) A chord or scale pattern I assign via snapshot or a dialogue similar to Chord Assistant or from the Chord Assistant itself.

It would be very powerful to be able to simply hold down an option key – Alt, Ctrl, shift + an assigned letter, and have the drawing switch from Diatonic Draw to Chromatic Draw. The other line styles – parabola, square, triangle would also enter notes according to the height and width of the line patterns. In other words, line would draw scales and the others would draw in forms of arpeggios.

Thanks for your consideration. :slight_smile: