FR: Duplicate Layout

It’s always the same: If you got a new toy, it won’t take long until you want more …

Thank’s for the brilliant update!

In Setup Mode I can right click onto one player and duplicate it. To create a transposing layout for the same player, it would now be great, if I just could right click on the layout on the right side and duplicate it!

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Yes, we know, but unfortunately it’s decidedly non-trivial to implement it. In the meantime, you can use Propagate Part Formatting, which takes you a lot of the way there.

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I think software development is a bit like making music. A good performance always feels (quite) easy and natural. You never hear the pain of and labour of practising …

After using Dorico for some years now, duplicate players (often) and duplicate flows (sometimes) became a normal workflow for me. Therefore my very first try was to duplicate a Layout in 3.5.

I would be a perfect triad, a brilliant symmetry and a very consistent option in Setup mode:

Duplicate Player
Duplciate Flow
Duplicate Layout

But at the moment I get along well without it and I really enjoy the new options for Part Preparation!

I realize this is an old thread, but I just discovered Propagate Part Formatting, and I’m so delighted I just had to say something. Thank you, Dorico team! Such a time-saver!