FR: Duplicate to lyric line below

I would love to be able to duplicate the contents of one lyric line to the lyric line below, like Duplicate to Staff Below (which I’ve assigned to a key command). At present, there’s no real way to do that besides re-entering (as far as I can tell).

Filtering the lyrics and copy and paste?

Another related issue: copying into specific verses for multiple voices. I started working off of an xml file today that has a multi-verse SAB setting where every verse is written out individually. I tried to take the section of verse two to copy it below verse one (rhythms identical) and couldn’t do a ‘paste special’ into lyric line two. Fortunately I was able to convert the source material to the proper verse and then copy it, but the point is that I couldn’t just take the lines, as they were, and then copy them into the verse I wanted. (I know the other option is to copy syllable, by syllable into verse two but that would have taken forever; I’ve got multiple verses for multiple voice parts to rearrange.)

Provided you have another staff available to paste them onto, you can indeed do this via copy and paste. Select the lyrics, copy them, paste them to another staff, in the Properties panel set ‘Lyric line’ to e.g. 2 or whatever, cut them to the clipboard, paste them back into the original staff.

Thanks Daniel, that works.

You don’t even need an extra staff to copy/paste/change lyric line number. Try this: copy the lyrics (let’s say they are line 1), and while they are still selected, change the lyric line number to line 2 in the Properties panel; they probably won’t change position but will still be tagged as line 2. Select the first note of the passage and paste the lyrics (which are still tagged line 1, and held in the clipboard memory) back in. Line 2 will move down to the proper position; line 1 will be above it. At least, this works for me.

This only works if you don’t already have lyrics in line 2.